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WC Licence Holders Can Lose Their Licences

Western Cape licence holders who don't comply to their licence conditions or have complaints recorded against them, can lose their licences. They will receive a notice after 31 July that their licences will not be renewed for 2023 ito Section 64 of the Liquor Act, The only way to "get out of jail" is to submit an application to the Liquor Authority. The application fee alone is R2180. The time and legal costs will be a lot more. It will be evaluated as a new application. The licence holder will be on the back foot, having to prove that it is in the public interest to have the licence renewed.

Grounds for non - renewal of a licence

The grounds for non - renewal are the following :

  • failing to comply with the -
     - conditions of the licence,   
     - a compliance notice or
     - the Liquor Act.
  • becoming disqualified
  • being declared unfit by the LLT to hold a licence;
  • failing to comply with a compliance notice issued;
  • being the subject of a complaint to a municipality

A Licence Service is now essential for Protection of a liquor licence

The risk and cost of not complying or getting a complaint has now become too big for licence holders to trust to a bookkeeper or manager. Fines can be more than R100 000. A licence specialist who offers a comprehensive Licence Service is essential. The Licence Co offers such a service. It includes a -

  • Licence Audit of a premises,
  • Audit Certificate,
  • Licence renewal,
  • Checklists and an
  • Online dashboard. The online dashboard gives a licence holder access to all licence documents and new documents can be uploaded.

Contact The Licence Co (LiquorWise Division) at [email protected] or 0844241966 to subscribe to the Licence Service. Licence holders must ensure they are 100% compliant, as liquor inspectors will be making use of this opportunity to "clean the house" and ensure compliance by all 8500 Western Cape licence holders.


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