Guest house owners often think that they do not require a liquor licence to offer and serve liquor to their guests. This is definitely not the case.

Any establishment wishing to offer and serve liquor to its guests, requires a liquor licence.

Guest house owners usually spend an enormous amount of time and a lot of money to prepare their premises for their guests. Guests nowadays mostly take it for granted that they will be able to order an alcholic beverage of some kind at a guest house. Most owners offer and serve alcoholic beverages, but most often don't consider that they are illegaly serving liquor.

As a rule, applications for liquor licences for guest houses are not too involved and the rate of success is very good. Therefore, obtain a liquor licence and -

  • avoid the embarrassment of being served a compliance notice by the relevant local liquor inspector for illegally selling liquor.
  • increase your service offering by adding liquor as a choice to your guests ;
  • generate additional income from liquor sales, and
  • increase the value of your business by adding a liquor licence as an asset.

Don't delay - Contact us to assist you with your application for a liquor licence and be legal!

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