A liquor licence can be the most important asset of business - impacting directly on the profitability of a business. 

You therefore need a legally qualified expert to ensure that your are kept to date with current liquor laws affecting your liquor licence, its application by the SAP and its interpretation by your Liquor Authority (Board).

Just Register as a member of LiquorWise (free) and enjoy the benefit of having a full-time, in-house liquor licence expert to call for advice on any matters relating to liquor licensing, such as the following Benefits of Membership :

  • Current status of your liquor licence - call us to be sure your licence is valid. 
  • Queries answered for free - saving you time and money (lawyer fees / long waiting periods for reply from your liquor board).
  • We can assist you when :
    • You want to transfer your licence to another premises.
    • You want to extend your premises.
    • You sell your business, with :
    • The transfer of the liquor licence.
    • The drafting of an agreement of sale, which will have to ensure the transfer of the liquor licence.

Do not leave something as important as the legality of your liquor licence to chance.


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